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Altera Design Team

Developed and honed from our more than 25 years of experience, our 4-step project methodology highlights our simple, straightforward and transparent design-build process. While no two projects are entirely the same, here is our typical process:


Altera Design & Remodeling How We Work Walnut Creek CA

"We recently had our kitchen remodeled by Altera Design. This was a complete job from floor to ceiling, and included cabinets, appliances, wiring, countertops and sink. Not only was the job expertly done, but it was finished ahead of time. We found the whole experience to be without the usual aggravation which is so often experienced with these kinds of jobs. We would be happy to recommend Altera Design to anyone who may be considering a remodeling job in their home. Where there may be a concern about professional people, expert work completed in a timely fashion, Altera Design is a good ticket."

- Ron & Rose, Martinez

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